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Water Bottle w/ Separate Container for Crystals

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  • A special gift with a unique design for all yoga, meditation, sports, and healthy lifestyle enthusiasts.
  • Uses SACRED GEOMETRY and nature's energies channeled through PRECIOUS STONES AND CRYSTALS based on studies done by scientists like Bernhard Ratheiser and Masaru Emoto. This unique bottle can revitalize your water by acting as a water-structuring device.
  • Uses the power of rose quartz crystals to infuse your water with the vibration of unconditional love.
  • The perfect-sized 18 Oz/550ml, leak-proof, BPA-free reservoir made from borosilicate clear glass and 304 food-grade stainless steel.
  • You can remove the crystals for cleaning purposes or replace with other crystals.
  • An eco-friendly and reusable water bottle that comes with a neoprene sleeve.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Energy radiating from this bottle is amazing!!!!!

I chose this item because of the review that asked if anyone could feel the energy from this item. .Beautiful geometry symbols on bottle. The booklet included gives an excellent overview of the symbol meanings,crystal benefits. Elegantly packaged. . I will definitely gift this product to individuals soon. . You can definitely feel the energy from the product as a whole. . Love,Peace,Kindness and a prosperous journey is my wish to the creators of this healing tool and everyone who invests in one. . Absolutely recommend this item, Beautiful!!!!

Renae M.
Beautiful bottle, Crystal and Energy

I really like this water bottle and the energy that is infused in it from the geometric symbols on the side and then the energy that the water takes on from the crystal inside enhance it even more. I can see energy so to see all the cool things it does is really awesome.I do not know what anyone else feels or experiences drinking their water from this bottle, but for me, it was like something motivated me from within. I know that sounds crazy but I had been procrastinating on a few things that within 2 days of drinking the water from this bottle, I had gotten done all the things I was procrastinating on and had this drive and new ideas in me and I was acting on things.I understand why we should only be drinking from glass and this bottle is beautiful even without water in it, but I leave it on my desk and do not carry it with me as I am afraid I will drop it or it will fall out of my purse and break. I do pour the water into a different water bottle when I am leaving so I can still get the benefits of the water.My only con is, I am filling it up constantly because it honestly doesn't hold much. I now have two of these bottles so I can always have one filled and being infused while drinking from the other.

Leslie R KyleLeslie R Kyle
Functional and Beautiful

Pretty awesome product.

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