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Electric Pulse Intelligent Neck Massager

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  • Do you often feel neck pain, stiffness, and fatigue? Do you want to relax your neck? This new, smart neck massager will not just help relieve neck pain and shoulder tiredness, but also improve sleep quality and blood circulation.
  • Comes with an exquisite gift bag, making it the best gift for your family or friends.
  • Provides 6 modes and 15 levels of intensity. Utilizes a 107.6 °F constant-temperature warm-compress technique through the use of a 4-point fixed heating design with 3D magnetic electrode pads. These pads give out electric current at a minimal intensity to improve the effectiveness of the massage.
  • This neck massager uses low-frequency electric pulse therapy so you may feel a slight electric shock when you use it. Before use, please charge the massager and wipe the neck and 2 metal pads with cream for a better massage. Please read the manual carefully before use.
  • You can use this electric neck massager anytime and anywhere with no wires running from the remote controller to the pads. It is super powerful, portable, and lightweight (only 4.93 ounces). Built-in 1200mAh large capacity battery allows you to enjoy a comfortable massage for 10 days after 1 hour of charge if used for 15 minutes per day.
  • Comes with a 15 mins auto-off function to avoid overuse
  • Ergonomic "U" shape design and high-elastic frame technology allow this neck massager to better fit necks of various sizes.
  • Made of breathable silicone material and durable stainless steel pads to avoid discomfort during use. Choose the most suitable mode to achieve deep relaxation (that eases muscle tension and cervical fatigue) for 15 minutes at your home, office, or outdoors.
  • CAUTION: Cannot be used if you have metal implants or a pacemaker.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Chenbin Wu

I bought this for my mom as a gift because she always complains that she has neck pains from work. She said that it relied on her pain really well and really fast. She loves the neck massager and is bragging to her friends about it every chance she gets.

headache reliever

when I have a headache or migraine i use this one. Battery life is longer then i expected used it whit out 4 days charging. Easy to control whit remote gives warming end little electrical massage

jasmine hunt
Quick and easy

Small, lightweight and good battery life. Heats up nicely without getting too hot. Remote gives perfect control and solves the lost remote control issue by magnetically attaching. Personally I wish the intensity went higher, but everyone else thought it was too strong. Most of my tension is in my shoulder blades but travels up my neck. This definitely reduces pain and is soothing enough to help me sleep. Auto shut off at 15 minutes helps if you do fall asleep with it, but I'd like to be able to add time during instead of turning back on. Everything I want it to do can be done with a tens unit but that has cords and patches that always fall off if I move around. This is a thousand times more convenient. Well worth it.

Good value

Pretty decent product. I read an in depth review before purchasing and decided to buy to relieve neck pain.There are multiple massage types and intensities easily controlled via the remote. The remote connects to the device by magnet so you don't lose it when your not using it.There is also a heat function, although not as effective as a heating pad for that kind of pain relief.I had to charge mine out of the box and it lasted through the first use. After the second full charge I have so far used it about five times over the past 3 weeks, without needing to charge again.That being said, I would recommend the product. If buying, remember to just dampen your neck a bit with a wet paper towel before turning the function on, where the two sensors sit on your skin.

Easy to use modern neck massager

It comes with a little booklet and a remote controller that can adjust to different modes and intensity. It also has cool light effects to tell you what function is on, like the heat. It takes few seconds for each mode to kick in. It's very easy to use. When I have neck pain, this neck massager can be well relieved by wearing it for 15 minutes. I would recommended it.

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