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Vibration Massage Seat Cushion w/ 6 Motors

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  • Note: This is only a VIBRATION massager, not a Shiatsu Kneading massager. Do not buy this massage cushion if you are looking for a shiatsu massager with rolling balls.
  • Precise Spot Vibration Massage - This massage cushion with 6 powerful vibrating massage motors targets the upper back, mid back, lower back, and thighs to help relax muscle tension, and  stress. You can even select all 4 zones at once or individually to your liking. 5 programmable modes and 4 varying vibration intensities brings you a customizable massage, as desired.
  • Soothing Heat Thearpy - Seat warmer with auto shut off targets the entire back and seat, to radiating gentle warmth, to relax sore muscles and improve blood circulation. The seat massager comes equipped with an Overheating protection system and an Auto shut off timer, with dual-insurance for safe usage.
  • Soft Plush Fabric - This massage chair pad cover is made of 100% ultra cozy plush, incomparably soft polyester that offers a comfortable and great feeling.
  • Non-Slip rubber bottom, STAYS IN PLACE: Dual adjustable strap goes around the back of the chair seat, to keep the cushion stable, and secure.
  • Home adapter included. It is easy for you to use the cushion at home, or the office!


Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
It works!

Was looking for a heated cushion for my office because it gets awfully cold. The heated cushion works well as advertised and the massing is just a bonus for me. The product comes with an power adapter for the car cigarette as well so you can bring this cushion to the car. Satisfy with the product .

Surprised how well it works!

Well worth the price.. I Paid $49.99 and it's so worth it! 1st of all it's Portable with a wall or car adapter.Easy to use. 5 stars overall but 4 stars for ease of use because there are 4 intensity levels but 1 button so you don't know what level you're on. I just keep pushing it until it feels the strongest.It gets pretty hot, which is nice but you can turn heat off if you want. Only 1 level for heat. I wish there was a low, med. & high.Works fantastic though! Works better than I thought it would.Several mode types and areas to choose plus an auto mode which alternates modes (kneading, pulsing etc)Head/neck portion:Not ergonomically designed well for myself but I'm 5'3" so the top mode would probably work better for someone taller. I wish it had a thicker top for more head/ neck support. I use it in my office chair so if I lean back it's fine but working at my desk (sewing) it doesn't. But I also have a slip cover I bought for my chair so I plan on putting a pillow or rolled up towel between so I have more head/neck support.If you have neck problems I would say find something else** but it works really well on my back especially when I'm crafting. ** Try searching for Hugs at XOXOBYSHARI. I designed them because of a diving accident I was in. They're fantastic!For this product I would say don't hesitate to buy, you can always return if you don't like it but I think you'll end up keeping it.

Valarie Kirkwood
Great Chair Massage Cushion

I love the SNAILAX seat cushion massager with heat. You can use the heat alone or pair it with the massager. There is a body-zone selector on the controller as well as a selector for intensity, which can get pretty intense of just a gentle throbbing. Four modes can be chosen from pulsate to kneading or you can choose a little of all on Auto mode. The timer can be set in 15 minute increments up to 60 minutes.I love heat and kneading my lower back. I am a writer so I spend a lot of time in my office chair, which is comfortable on it's on. The SNAILAX chair massager turns it into a spa experience. I've tried other chair massagers but they didn't quite fit my chair and I never got the lower back, on my lower back.Thanks SNAILAX, I really needed this.

I'd get one for house and vehicle

Helps ease the constant pain

Comfort to the nines!!

Comfort to the nines!! Glad we bought this!!

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