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Sea Mint & Spruce Scented Candle | 19.4 Oz

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  • Large Size & Extraordinary Burn Time - 19.4oz/550g candle that can sustain up to 90 hours of burn time, bringing you long-lasting fragrance.
  • Uses natural soy wax that is vegan, cruelty and paraben-free, and biodegradable
  • This gratifying aroma is promised to offer a full sensory experience like strolling along the breezy coast with refreshing Eucalyptus and Peppermint muddled with rustic Cedarwood and Fir Balsam.
  • Equipped with a special wood wick, this candle crackles at the time of burning to emulate a fireplace and provides in-depth relaxation.
  • Elegantly designed with delicate daisy patterns carved on the thick glass jar to serve as an ideal gift for family or friends.
  • Tip: Fully light the wood wick and keep it burning for 4 hours the first time for an even burn.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
A. Morgenstern
My Favorite is Sea Mint & Spruce

These are beautifully made - the glass container is lovely and the scent is strong and true. They're packed with care for shipping - everything arrived quickly and in perfect condition. These candles are true keepers and I'm glad I splurged a bit. It was a decision to encourage my sense of well-being. Especially when the pandemic has us in lock down - even a hint of those spruce-covered hills of childhood is a such welcome breath of happiness.

Beautiful candle. Lovely scent

Great candle. Worth the price. This company really cares about their customers. I was unhappy with another scent in this line. They contacted me and offered to send a replacement candle in a scent I like. I already know I really like berries and bergamot. Looking forward to receiving the replacement. Thank you!!!!

Julie G. Waddell
A must have!

This is a stunning candle in a decorative - almost facet like - jar. All top quality - the scent is strong, the jar is beautiful enough to keep for other uses when it is empty. Great purchase, no regrets.

Thomas Marzol
Beautiful Glass and great smell

We got this candle and basically cranked it for a week straight because we loved the smell. When we were done we cleaned out the glass and put other candles in it. Great value! Will likely get more.

N. Britt
Pretty and good smelling candle.

The jar is so beautiful and the candle has a nice scent. Perfect gift for someone or to enjoy yourself.

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