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Scented Tea Candles Variety Pack | 90 Pcs

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  • SCENTED CANDLES: Indulge your senses with a luxurious blend that will surely reduce your stress and release an inviting and comforting fragrance that will uplift anyone's mood. Relax, soothe, restore & balance your body and mind with the classic, fresh, zesty, wonderful, and sweet-smelling vanilla with rich, buttery overtones. The timeless, distinctive, and flavorful scent of different tea candles will definitely wake up your senses.
  • UNPARALLELED VALUE: These highly scented tea candles come in bulk. They are a great option for wedding planners, florists, interior designers, restaurants, home decoration, spas, and bathrooms.
  • FINEST INGREDIENTS & HIGH-QUALITY WICKS: Each tea candle contains essential oils and fragrances that fill the air with natural scents. High-quality wicks are made from 100% lead-free cotton. The raw wick coated with a blend of wax ensures smoke-free burning that lasts 3 to 4 hours. The best part? The wax stays in the bowl - does not drip, splash, sputter, or spill.
  • THE PERFECT GIFT: These tealight candles come in an attractive gift box. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Tealight Magic!

These little guys are awesome. Tealights are small so you don't expect them to last a long time but these ones surprised me. I followed the handy tips they sent before hand via email. I must say that in of it itself speaks volumes about this company's customer service and belief in their products. The aromas of all the candles are on point. The fragrance is light but aromatic. It's not going overpower and make you head for the hills. Just to give you an idea of how long they can last when you put them in the fridge which I did overnight. I lit mine at 7:30ish pm and they were still going strong at 10:36pm when I blew them out. For the price and how many candles you get you can't go wrong.

Jon M
Great and Lively Scents...

The candle variety pack is amazing! Though they are tealights (and don't have a long burn life) the scents are strong, pleasant and great for lifting spirits. The variety pack is worth every penny and they arrived quickly, well-packaged and professionally. Will buy more again soon.

Father Eldon W. Anderson
Scented to the max.

I am very pleased with the scented candles. They are actually much stronger than I had thought which rates an A++. Thank you. Thank you.

Renee TackettRenee Tackett
Fragrances are heavenly!

Good value and quaility! The fragrances are beautiful, and the box is very nice. This would be a great gift!

More than HAPPY with purchase.

Love these little candles. Everything is first rate, from the packaging to the customer service. The only thing I would improve is the strength of the scent. But it's probably just me. Follow their directions and you will be more than satisfied. I will buy again. Already bought twice. Thank you.

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