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Premium King Sized Heating Pad

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  • Soothe aches with fast heat therapy: XpressHeat heats up the pad in under 30 seconds (3 times faster than standard heating pads) so you get relief fast
  • Easy to use with convenient features: An easy to operate digital LED controller let's you switch between 6 personalized heat settings; Select-hour auto-shutoff feature helps you conserve energy and prevents excessive heating
  • Soft and easy-care: Easy care, machine-washable fabric pad in luxurious micro-plush material, offers maximum comfort for daily use. Plug into any 120 volt AC electrical outlet
  • Plenty of coverage king size/XL pad measures 12" x 24" to cover larger areas that need relief, including spine, legs, and across the shoulders; Also features an extra-long 9 foot power cord
  • Durable for years of use; Watts: 180W
  • Peace of mind: 2-hour auto-shutoff so you can relax in comfort without having to wake up and turn off the pad.


Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews

Heats up nice and hot and very quickly. My only complaint is that the electronic connector on the pad is a little inconvenient, but this is no problem once you get situated.I purchased this for menstrual cramps and it has saved me from having to soak in the heat of the bathtub every month. Definitely recommend. The cable is nice and long too.Also, my cat loves it, but I only let him snuggle it on the lowest setting.

Best heating pad has 2 hr override.

I am extremely happy with this Sunbeam king-size heating pad. I love that it has an over ride button so it will stay on until I turn it off this is a feature I haven't found in many heating pads. The controller is quite large with an easy to read screen and buttons. You adjust the heat with the up and down buttons on the controller the setting ranges from 1 to 6. I find that my unit heats up quickly and I usually have it on heat level 1 or 2 for longer period of time use but I have used 5 & 6 when I didn't have long to use or was having a lot of pain and wanted to heat up my back quickly. Another​ feature I absolutely love is that the cover is part of the pad I was so tired of the other style that would bunch up and not stay flat. The size is wide enough to cover most of my back. I wish I had found this one sooner ( I have 3 I bought and don't like for different reasons but this one has everything better than what I wanted different from these) I am extremely happy with this purchase.

Avy M.
Bought this for 87 yo with aches and pains; she reports that now she doesn't want to get out of b...

My mother-in-law teaches therapeutic yoga, and one of her students (an 87 yo woman) said, "I have such difficulty getting out of bed in the morning ... I have aches and pains, and also, I listen to the news on the radio, and it is all very depressing!" My MIL can't do anything about the news, but she asked me to find a large heating pad for her student. (Side note: another yoga student, who had suffered severe injuries in an unfortunate surfing accident, told MIL that every morning she switches on the heating pad for 10-15 minutes, to loosen her muscles and cut down on the aching stiffness. That's where MIL got the idea for the old lady.) I read reviews on the NYT Wirecutter blog (Pure Relief for $35, Sunbeam for $25) and opted for the Sunbeam since price was a factor. My MIL took some convincing that "King size" meant in fact 24" x 12", but once I finally got the okay, I placed the order for a burgundy heating pad (87 yo favors a heavily pink wardrobe). After a couple weeks of use, I am able to report back from the 87 yo: "I still can't get out of bed in the mornings ... because I don't want to! It is SO NICE to lie on top of this pad ... it makes me feel SO GOOD". Thanks, Sunbeam. This has been a total hit. - AM SIL

Great for localized heat

I walked out of the porch onto the steps and slammed down on my back. I don't know what made me order the heating pad, but fell the morning after I did. It was a difficult day, but two days later the heating pad was here and was wonderful.I may have to go unconventional and use it when I am sitting on the couch watching tv with the dog. Just cover with a blanket, leave the feet out and heat them with the pad. The pad has a few adjustments, I can turn in to a low heat or heat warmer. I can also adjust the time the heat is on so it is not on all night, but I can get comfortable and it will cool itself down at a chosen amount of time.It is larger than most of the heating pads I've seen, so it is good for the back or a larger area, like the hip that hit the step! I will recommend this to others.

Quick Weak Heat, Quick Fade

This is the best heating pad I have ever used. I have had my older Sunbeam XL heating pad for several years. It still works but my mom got ahold of it and fell in love. Hence, mypurchase of this heating pad. The old one is a mint green color and doesn’t have as many heat settings, nor the “stay on” feature (which is EXTREMELY difficult to find). This heating pad gets hot so much more quickly! I can actually tell the difference between the heat settings. The size is great; I can treat from my lower back all the way to my neck at the same time (I’m 5’3”). The pad is also substantially sturdier feeling than my old one yet still comfortable and molds to my back. The controller is sturdy as well, appears well made, and is easy to read/use; it’s not made of cheap clunky plastic like some I’ve had in the past. So far I prefer the digital control over the slide type or push button control.The following is my review of this heating pad 1) after the 1st few weeks and 2) after the 1st month or so....1) First few weeks of use: I ran my old one on the highest setting and this one I can use at setting 4 out of 6. After awhile I do acclimate and have to increase it to 5.I haven’t noticed any heat ‘surges’ or ‘waves’, as in the pad starts to cool and has to heat itself again, like some reviews stated. To me it feels like even heat the entire time until I acclimate as stated above.2) Longer term use: This pad does not get as hot as my older sunbeam heating pad. Even when I start at the highest heat (level 6), I still feel like it’s not enough to penetrate and adequately treat my lower back. The heat also ‘gives out’ quickly. As in, after only 2 minutes I feel I need to increase the heat, but it’s already at the highest heat.I’m back on to purchase the same version I used to have. It is definitely a lot hotter and keeps delivering. It may take slightly longer to heat up; but what’s the use of a heating pad if it turns on quickly but never reaches therapeutic heat levels and fades even more so within a few minutes of use?!

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