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Electric Kneading Foot Massager w/ Heat Shiatsu | Black

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  • VERSATILE DESIGN: This awesome foot massager has 6 massage heads with 18 rotating massager nodes. It amazingly relaxes muscles, ease tensions and regulates blood flow.
  • HEATING FUNCTION: This massager has a heating function to help fatigued muscles and improve foot wellness. It's very safe to use. This function can be turned on and off manually if not preferred to use.
  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN: The ergonomic shape fits the foot which makes it more effective relaxing. Help you relieve fatigue at any time make it more comfortable for you. Valentines Day Gifts ideal for Her & Him
  • PORTABLE AND EASY OPERATION: You don't need to bend down just to turn on the massager. You can access the power button and set its mode by just simply touching it using your toe! Plus, it has carried a handle for your convenience.
  • PERFECT FOOT STRESS RELIEVER: This massager is the one thing you need to ease tensions and relieve foot muscle . It is perfect to use at home and in your office! Get a good foot massage without spending a fortune in salon fees!


Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
This product could make you lose not only time, but sense of everything else, including self.

This product is very good, and works more than advertised. Undiagnosed with planar from a previous retail job, which was 8 hours standing behind a register (heels felt like they were burning) to an industrial plant job which require squatting, walking, and climbing ladder cages and stairs. Used to use several full and partial inserts just to relieve the pressure, tension, and heel pain. Was surprised at how such a small part of the foot could affect the whole body. After some thinking, bought this, used this, lost sense of time and self, found myself on my back with a huge cheesy grin...and that was within 3 minutes. 15 minutes, ermagerd!!! That said, and perhaps my feet are a touch sensitive, a mere 15 minutes in the early morning is sufficient for a 10 hour shift on my feet and then some. If those 15 minutes are before bed with heat, am super relaxed and have pleasant and well rested sleep.My steel toe boots now simply carry a basic insert for sweat and odor.Loved this product so much, showcased it to my landlords and bought for family. I will say this, it can take a bit to get used to the sensation, and you might lose yourself for a bit, especially if you have sensitive feet.

I am absolutely in love! I had some doubts because I have used ...

I am absolutely in love! I had some doubts because I have used other foot massagers in the past that just brought me more pain. But this? It is a blessing! I am a CNA for a hospital, I am on my feet for 12 hours. A foot bath wasn't doing me much good and I don't trust people near my feet. It feels absolutely amazing!


Great foot massage after a long day€™s work. The heat function gets good and hot to relax the muscles. Highly recommend.

Works great! It is very relaxing and comforts my foot ...

Works great! It is very relaxing and comforts my foot pretty good. love it would buy these for Christmas gifts!

Makes my feet happy

I love it, it works wonderfully the rolling heated (or not heated) balls massage your feet very well, some may say that there too high and that they hurt there feet, I think there just right and if on some days I feel there to high I just put a towel over them. I wish I would have bought this product a long time ago, it is AWESOME!

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