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XL Heating Pad for Pain Relief | Teal

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  • Soothe aches with heat therapy: Ease everyday muscle aches and pains with this super soft customizable electric hot pad.
  • Power: 70 watts
  • Easy to use with convenient features: An easy to operate digital LED controller lets you switch between 4 personalized heat settings; 2 hour auto shutoff feature helps you conserve energy, and prevents excessive heating
  • Soft and easy care: Easy Care, Machine washable fabric pad in micro plush backed with soft touch, offers maximum comfort for daily use
  • Plenty of coverage: King size/XL pad measures 12 inches x 24 inches to cover larger areas that need relief, including spine, legs, and across the shoulders; also features an extra long 9 foot power cord

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Best Heating Pad I've Had

This is my second Sunbeam Microplush heating pad (ordered the first from too). I love this pad. It heats up nicely and is so soft and contained. I don't like the pads that come with a loose covering on top (usually removable) as these covers move all over the place and need constant straightening. This one is great and you can wash it too, much to my surprise. You simply unplug the pad from the cord, and wash it on gentle in a non ringer type washer (I don't even know what a ringer type washer is??). Then you toss it in the dryer on medium. Easy peasy. The washing/drying instructions are clearly printed on the back of the pad for easy reference. I got a second one in case my first one stops working, but I've had it for a long time and it's still going strong. I also got it for after I wash it as I only dry it long enough to fluff it up, then I remove it from the dryer and let it finish air drying. Then I use the other one while it finishes drying. I'm hard on my heating pads as I use them every day all winter to warm my feet. Highly recommend this one.

Cat lover
Absolutely perfect heating pad!

This is by far the best heating pad I have ever owned. I'm sorry some folks are having trouble with their pads but mine is fantastic. It heats up really fast and is so soft. Within seconds, I can feel the heat. All the settings work well. I especially like the way it stays where you put it and doesn't slip. Another great thing is the extra long cord. I don't have to move the chair or whatever I'm sitting on to be able to plug it in and use it. One of my greatest purchases!

c. lucero

Love the size and that it's so soft. It doesn't get crinckled like the plastic sheath that normally is other heating pads.

So soft!!!!

Received mine today, very soft and flexible, I can wrap my wrists, feet, leg, or lay it across my back. The size is very large, I'm 5'4" and it spans from my shoulder down to my wrist-it's 12"x24". I love that it's machine washable, but since it's made of soft materials I say the gentle cycle and damp drying or air dry should be used. Giving it 5 stars: moist heat (spray pad with water), variable settings (warm, low, medium, and high), and 2-hour auto shut-off all are awesome features to have. I'm actually sitting on it now, aaahhhhh!I'm currently going to therapy for my wrists, they've increasingly became more painful, I don't have carpal and I do have ganglion cyst that was noticeable on the right hand that now shrunk, it was huge the size of a nickle. My left wrist suffers from pain as well but does not show a ganglion cyst rising. If therapy doesn't' take the constant pain away, surgery is the next option to suck out the gel within the tissue that's causing ganglion cyst - not liking that.Anyway, my occupational therapist uses moist heat therapy with microwavable pads (sandwiching my wrists in between) and as well, utilizes ultrasonic/heat machine to massage my hands and forearms afterwards; the process relaxes the tissues and firms my wrist overall, he said my carpal was loose and all over the place. Since seeing him for a little over a month now twice a week, he says the carpal area is much tighter and becoming more stable (I can't even do push ups without my left wrist feeling so week) but I am nowhere near a carpal tunnel surgery; good thing cause my mom had surgery on hers.I still have pain but I'm coming along nicely.So I figure I'll speed up my healing, along with maintaining the health of my wrist by being proactive and apply some heat therapy with this pad at home not just the twice a week at my therapist's practice. Plus, I have upper back and shoulder muscle cramps from sitting in my home office for hours at a time so having this heat on my upper back/neck area will loosen those tight muscles up as I work! Another use is for my tail bone and butt area cause I sit so much the muscles hurt after awhile. I also plan to use it while reading my devotional in bed before going to sleep just to lullaby my body tissues and relax them, I can only imagine how good I will feel after my gym nights.So many uses for this heat pad. I have a tens unit as well (that I bought here on last year for about $30 something) and this is such a complement to eradicating pain with out the use of pain killers.Great product and very well made.

Life Saver!

I love this heating pad! I have had numerous spinal injections for herniated discs and facet syndrome and this heating pad has brought much needed relief. Despite warnings all over the packaging not to do so, I also turn it up to the hottest setting and lay on top of it in bed covered in blankets. I have not yet spontaneously caught fire and my back is happy.

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