Types of Good Healing Crystals with Their Functions By Meek Planet

Types of Good Healing Crystals with Their Functions By Meek Planet

As we all crystals lovers know that a crystal is a natural-formed mineral and rock and that they have a crystalline structure. Natural crystals are also well known for their healing power, hence why a lot of people believe that crystals are Mother Nature’s gift to help an individual connect with the universe. Interesting right! It has been discovered that there are more than 3500 minerals on our planet, which have a crystalline structure. Buy crystals online are usually identified mostly through their structure, color, and transparency.

Crystals generally act as energetic sponges whereby they absorb and purify the trapped negative energy inside your body. Even though the good healing crystals have a tremendous ability just like everything and everyone they have a limit.

Healing crystals have been used by many for centuries. We have all heard of crystal therapy so what is crystal therapy? Crystal therapy is the process of using good healing crystals either on or around the body to provide your body with balance.

In this article, we will be looking at the various types of good healing crystals and also their functions. They are different types of crystals and they include the following.


Amethyst is usually one of the most popular good healing crystals, this is because it is mainly known for its spiritual properties. Due to its spiritual properties, this makes it ideal for people who want to use it for meditation. You can also use this good healing crystal to help you repel and also clear negative energy.


Another type of good healing crystals is rose quartz.

The main function of this good healing crystal is it helps in enhancing the surrounding loving energy of its users. Due to this ability, it is popular among couples. Rose quartz does not necessarily boost the romance but it helps in enhancing positive energy and helps couples to embrace compassion. This crystal will help you in guiding and also open up your heart irrespective of whether you are going through relationship struggles or you are just in the early stages of a brand new relationship.


This type of good healing crystal can help to relax if your life is hectic and is also filled with stress-energy. Helps you to relax by providing soothing energy which will most likely assist you in getting rid of the nervous energy that is surrounding you.

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